6 Things About Semantic Web And Social commerce


What is all about Semantic Web

Semantic Web refers to the data and digital information, assets on a website processed by the machines.  This very term was coined by the father of web searches, Tim Berners-Lee, who invented the World Wide Web cyberspace ecosystem.

The whole concept of Semantic Web is the next step towards the wide scale growth in IOT (Internet of Things). Interestingly more newer websites get live with newest of web technologies like Ruby on Rail and HTML5 that amounts to more than four million of hosted Web domains, containing the features of the robust Semantic Web markup.

Google search engine is the biggest reigning search stop for all the queries that a tech savvy person puts into the google search making life more easier on the professional and personal front. Search engine algorithm is a pretty complex search specific online business that Google has implemented through various updates like Panda, Penguin and Rankbrain with the latest one via complete mix up of Google’s local pack and local finder results. Google cutting edge out-of-the-box search algorithm drives the intelligence of the Internet bot, also known as web robot, or simply bot; is a software application that runs automated tasks (web scripts) over the Internet.

What actually the bots do, to analyse the assets of the website, backed by the brilliant efforts of the Search Optimization Experts

  • It is interesting to say that bots are very hard working robotic machines software applications that consistently perform simple and structurally repetitive website analysis task, making the digital information (images, Infographics and media) more authentic for the end users.
  • Talking about the largest use of bots happens in the web spidering (web crawler), that SEO personals do by submitting sitemap XML URL in the search console, in which an automated script fetches, analyzes and files information from web servers at many times the speed of a human.
  • One of the biggest fact of Searches is that half of all web traffic is made up of bots that is rapidly transforming into a new kind of semantic web concept. We have semantic nature of the search engines’ indexing behaviors.

Social commerce

What is the Social commerce that multiples the Social media optimization in context of the lead generation and the subsequent conversions

Social media is a primary most important part of the lead capturing in the sales funnel. Emerged as the top most wing in the Digital Marketing, digital marketing specialist make maximum use of the social media platforms for a one on one real time interaction with the customers. Moreover, the social media content writer also puts their best in the social media posts. Interestingly Twitter popularised the whole concept of microblogging giving an edge to the content writer to become more creative.

How about Social media and Paypal(Payment Gateway Integrations) giving great options like Social commerce

  • Social commerce is a complete new next level evolution of electronic commerce involving greater use of the online social media digital platforms.
  • Social media giants like Facebook, Twitter in sync with professional networking sites like LinkedIn supports social interaction, and end user contributions
  • Now, online branding and lead conversions are diverted into sales funnel through Microsoft Dynamics 365, “social listening”, for intuitive and interactive online buying, as we have Instagram used for the exposure for brands assisting in the selling of products and services.

What do you think and opines about the future of buying with cryptocurrency Bitcoin,Semantic web and Social commerce? Do give us your valuable comments




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