Benefits of Cloud Computing Services: Cloud Computing Explained

Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing is the third wave of the digital revolution

Lowell McAdam

Cloud Technology innovation is the lifeblood of any enterprise organisation which can range from mid-sized SME to a startup or any global corporation. Cloud computing is the new form of high-end technology for effective business management

Cloud Computing Meaning
Cloud Computing

What is cloud computing concepts, technology and architecture 

  • Read more here (Cloud computing) in the form of SAAS (Software as a service), PAAS (Peripheral as a service) and IAAS (Infrastructure as a service) can generate cost effective revenues for any business model.

  • Internet has given wide wings to any common person, planning for a successful online venture with his/her niche products.

Software as a service
Cloud Computing Saas
  • In lack of ace tech human resource with IT expertise, the person can avail the facility of cloud computing to manage the work.

  • On the other hand, cloud computing seems to be the icing on the cake for a well-established organisation, which can successfully leverage and implement Cloud computing services.

Peripheral as a service
Cloud Computing Paas
  • For software SAAS coding perspectives, the software team personals can avail GitHub platforms for effective software implementation. The entire hardware, software as well as all the other mandatory infrastructure can be synchronised to the Microsoft Azure subscribed services, at a nominal fee.

  • There are feature-rich business software’s such as, “SAP”, full ERP which is on a rapid expansion to cloud platforms. Cloud based software, “Salesforce”, is becoming the first choice amongst SME for its enhanced cloud computing life cycle CRM (customer relationship management).

Infrastructure as a service
Cloud Computing Iaas
  • Other cloud CRM in the Microsoft legacy software in the form of, “MS Dynamic CRM”, with the latest, “Dynamics 365”, is promising a lot in the form of a compete, “ERP”, and “CRM” in one complete package.

The cloud computing marketing strategy

  • Today successful marketing can be done via social media platforms such as, “Facebook”, with 2.4 billion users and similar on, “Twitter”, and. “LinkedIn”, now owned by Microsoft.
  • In addition, for a content-based lead generation the digital marketing can be organised in the form of best SEO practised for maximum organic reach on major search engines such as, “Google”, “Bing”, “yahoo”, “Yandex”, “Sogou”, and, “DuckDuckGo”. Content audit and statistics analysis can be done on, “Google Analytics” and, “Google web search console”.
  • Platforms like WordPress promise a lot for the best choice as CMS (content management system) to easily and effectively organise your content visibility.
  • “WhatsApp”, “Microsoft Office 365”, and, “Gmail”, smart compose makes work easy and effective which are the live examples of a robust cloud computing on the go so that you can access and take print of your documents from anywhere globally at the click of the mouse.
  • Now a days ZohoCRM is a complete web-based office suite of choice which is also gaining reasonable mandatory acceptance as an enterprise software, containing word processing spreadsheets and real time presentations for easy note-taking easy for organised (CRM) project management and invoicing.

More innovation in cloud computing is about to happen in the form technologies “Big Data”, “A.I”, “Predictive Analytics”, “IoT” and the recent one namely cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and Ethereum digital currencies and wallet for e.g. “BAAS” (Blockchain as a service).


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