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YouTube Secrets

The past two decades of the Industrial revolution is led by the comprehensive rapid global village transformation with the commercial advent of the Information technology. Google is a 19th year millennial of the millennium tech progress.

Although there are various online available search engines namely Yahoo, Bing ,Duckduckgo,and more but the monopoly of Google as the major high-end search engine with YouTube for business marketing is well known worldwide.

Google software web products  Google search, YouTube, Chrome, Gmail, Google map is the need of the hour for every citizen with a Smartphone handy; as every second global citizen cannot part with it for even a nanosec for real time virtual connectivity.

YouTube is ranked number 2 globally. The best part of Youtube is its uniqueness as a video sharing social community created by Paypal Inc and duly bought by Google. Moreover the vast scale innovation to offer customised content in every possible regional language is icing on the cake for us all.

Some Quick facts on YouTube social media monopoly are

You tube was founded in the year  2005 completed a decade is now empowered with 300 hour of videos uploaded per minute.

  • Ecommerce product launch is followed by the 5 C’s of marketing which can boost n break the image of product prior to intense online branding.
  • Involving big social media networking web 2.0 sites  into intense YouTube for marketing strategies namely  Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, can boost sales for an ecommerce site.

Over in India with 1.3 Billion Of citizens,  Jio 4G foray into the domestic telecom market is a welcome surprise. It happened as followed by a brief introduction in the year 2016 when Indian consumers got to use the free Sim for a prolonged period of complete one year.

With the digital content you can subsequently drive sales to maximum on YouTube

  • The content visualization in creating video content, FB video is another great way to drive sales using calls to action in every single video, making fair use of keywords, and linking the videos back to the ecommerce store, and ecommerce website.
  • There are a way lot of things SME and various enterprise can adopt the wide scale audience base into product promotions through YouTube for intense marketing, in  ecommerce,  to improve sales from cold lead to hot lead.
  • If we estimate via Youtube statistics in general it comes out that conversion comes from 50 percent audience watching youtube . While  Facebook a hub of social virtual get together accounts for less than 1 percent  for the exact same content.
  • Facebook counts is directly proportional to impression of 3 sec as a view on YouTube a view is 30 sec or more so if you get 5000 videos views on Facebook and 1  percent make it to the end that is 50 people. If  you get 1000 views on youtube and 50 percent make it to the end that’s 500. That’s a 10X improvement  which would you rather have,50 or 500 people make it to the end.
  • Marketers say their YouTube marketing for business budget sometimes exceed out of budget but creatives in video can catch attention on a while. Marketers  who use mobile video advertising to boost their revenue upto 49 percent much faster.
  • Focused on custom thumbnails and consistent timely video upload of 2 to 3 minute of video length of your specific niche can play a short time magic in Youtube Likes, Views and subscriptions.
  • With a thumbnail standard thumbnail size of 1280 *720  viewership can be enhanced as a picture or video is worth hundred words for people psychologically process an image or video thousand times faster than videos.
  • More and more people want to watch video instead of reading text. Value driven YouTube video with a touch of invaluable creatives can drive more sales thus multiplying the potential lead capturing via sale and further conversions.

Ecommerce business gain worldwide exposure with YouTube 1.3 billion active people, so your channel video could have an effect of best amongst, 5 Billion  videos watched daily

  •  Youtube is optimum for the best post click engagement and invariably low bounce rate account for the majority of mobile web traffic.
  • Global citizen love watching YouTube leading  Facebook and one amongst four US users watch online videos on per day basis.

If the ecommerce product based reviews video content happens to be extra long  the audience engagement level drops off. In this case we can optimize video content with using end screen CTA employing  subscribe CTA enhanced a channels subscription by multifold percentage.

So, employing YouTube for b2b marketing as a part of your overall video marketing strategy with creatives on, “how to video”, can boost Google searches up to 70 percent as an educational resource for building awareness of your brand with recorded video tutorials and content on case studies.


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