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The biggest Search Engine of 2018 is no doubt is the Google Search besides Bing Yandex a

Search Engine Optimization Definition

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This fact that the monopoly of Google search engine is credited to its cutting edge search algorithm like RankBrain. In layman terms SEO, Search engine optimization is the tactics involved in optimizing your website for SERP search engine ranking. For instance you have got your very own website you would like others know about it. One of way to promoting your website is by word of mouth information provided solely by you. If in case you have a very low friends contact, than you can make use of SEO for making your website visible online(Online Marketing)


With the advent of dotcom era i.e world wide web, past year 2000 onwards and the rapid development in web software, web application known as mobile applications (apps from Google Play Store);we have a tremendous figure of around  644 million active websites , including, world wide web as of now.

Search Engine Optimization Basics

I find that Google and youtube is full of high level articles on SEO Tutorial and even you would like to grasp more in minimum time with youtube video. But being in the content Marketing niche for the past 5 years with expert exposure to digital marketing, i find following link quire useful to read for a while.

Clear your SEO basics here



Search Engine Optimization Tips

There are two kinds of tricks On page SEO and OffPage SEO

OnPage: You must have read a lot about On page SEO,so in layman terms it means all the work we do on the website individual webpages. Interestingly to say when I first came to know about SEO all I knew was MetaTag and Post Title literally.

For being an expert in OnPage SEO you have to have the basic knowledge of HTML webpages,CSS somewhat Javascript. Although you need not to have code them all but troubleshoot your webpages and make them appropriate to the Search engine algorithm like crawlers, bots and so on. Read more Here:TutorialsPont



Search Engine Optimization Analysis

Google Analytics is the best for your website analysis with Search Console for more specific

Search Engine Optimization Articles

Ninja analysis


Read the following, they are the best to kickstart your experiment on your very own website

Resource One

Resource One


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