Website is the official online presence of your corporate economic activities of revenue related tasks. Well structured website following the standard guidelines of On Page SEO technical factors, is a boon for the end users. You cannot judge the viewers preference when it comes to browse your website pages either on desktop, mobile or tablet. The golden thumb of rule is to optimize the website for mobile, consisting of high configuration Smartphone such as the recent one Pixel 2 XL.

Interestingly mobile phone users is going to surpass the expected statistical figure of 5 Billion globally.

You might have heard of website crash, website down whenever there is a heavy rush of online users accessing the website to avail reasonable discount on Ecommerce website, This and the other reasons like slow website adds a big threat to the online branding of the official corporate website.

Google search algorithm like A.I(Artificial Intelligence), Rankbrain prefers website with lightning fast download speed with fast page load; so that the end users get the instant results of his required query satisfaction, otherwise he/she would move to other SERP(search engine results page) results

First Tip

You should audit your website with free online platforms like

To know about the facts on the improvement recommendations like

  • Page Speed Info: To know about  Page’s Server Response Time which can reasonably be slow and once rectified it will improve user performance
  • Optimize your images to reduce their file size
  • Minify your CSS and JS Files

Second Tip

For the WordPress CMS(Content Management System), driven website you can install few good plugins like W3 Total Cache

Third Tip

Bounce rate
Def: The percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page. Website speed test as a result of SEO website audit will be directly proportional to the minimized controlled Bounce rate after effect.

Fourth Tip

In case you have wordpress website you can optimize your images with wordpress plugin WP Smush

Fifth Tip

How to check website speed test

You can audit your website with a relevant free Website speed test tools: Website speed test google

I would really appreciate for any sort of communication with the readers, if you wish to advise us(through comments) on your personal experiences, to accelerate website speed with coding or any other tips.

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