Why Should Everyone Switch To Automated Testing For CI/CD Deployment

Software Testing life cycle

The success of a new software based product launch and its subsequent release, always opens new opportunity for business to thrive smoothly in a cut throat competition.

Although these projects are natively of high quality with rich valuable resources but they are also made equally reliable with prior automated test and deployment in Software testing life cycle.

Based on the input data modelling of needs and expectations of end user, “software requirement specification”, plays a vital role for proper management and analysis from scratch to the release.

For bug free expedited delivery of the quality software, continuous deployment is taken due care with “Continuous Interaction” and “Continuous Delivery”.

The indispensable role of CI in expedited  software release

CI- Here codes are tested beforehand for any error handling. In this  build server is created to perform the required test integrating the changes required. The software quality assurance team of testing team test the API services for required business logic and procedure.

How about a relaxed hassle free shipping of published code as a developers dream

CD- code is ready to be published by the development team for business logic test. Here the development team working on the integrated modules , practice fair usage of the shared set of tools to ensure software delivery success.

Now, with the rapidly evolving software industry, more and more corporate houses, employ the best of Agile software development practices, for enhanced quality, software testing tactics and speed.

For easy shipping of the bug free code release and the regular flow of the software updates, cloud based applications are prioritized to eliminate the risk of sudden code break.

Benefits of automated testing for CI/CD deployment

  • The wish list achievements of an ace development project team in a complete software lifecycle implementations, is obviously the minimized time and cost.
  • In addition to this the QA and production process are also streamlined for faster software release
  • This affects overall ROI with the lowering cost of production in high quality software through regression automation parallel testing making the software bug free.
  • The Software testing automation framework has become a mandatory part of everything is also touching the traditional QA thus enhancing the performance of QA engineer . They always leverage the best of CI/CD automation tools for the synchronized input in the software development phase.

Now, the new additional profile is, “Devops”, who is infact a developer managing most of the testing part on his own. Infact Microsoft has always been the leader to bring innovation in software development forefront with its all new, “ASP.Net MVC”, versions of Universal Windows Platforms

Model view controller somehow  caters to the automation in testing  with the following features

  • Model – its logical structuring of data in software applications.
  • View– this section makes for the UI logic of the applications making it intuitive and interaction functionally.
  • Controller– It in fact it acts as the interface between the Model and the View thereby processing  all the business logic and the incoming request.

All in all ASP.Net boast faster developments as the modification does not affect the entire application.



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